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This is my flying model recreation of the 1966 BatCopter as seen in the classic T.V series of the 60's. This is a Century Bell 47G ARF kit slightly bashed with the sideframe/muffler kit and a falcon eCCPM kit added. The BatCopter will eventually get a full cockpit which is why the eCCPM kit was added. Powered by a Thunder Tiger .50, the BatCopter is controlled by Hitec Servos and Receiver with a Futaba GY401/9253 combo managing the tail. The BatWings are constructed out of Carbon Fiber and brass rods with Kevlar thread and CA as a joint binder. The wings were designed to be strong enough to used in flight although this has yet to be tested. -- Alan

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Martin D. in Croydon, Surrey (UK) sent in this tasty pic of his V2 with a note: "Hi Alan, Just a quick message to say thanks for a great service - received the Graphics here in the UK VERY quickly! Here are a couple of pictures of my new Raptor V2 suited-up with your graphics, unfortunately the camera does not do the colours justice! Thanks again. -- Martin D."


Steve H. in Eureka, California, sent in a bunch of cool picz and here's the best two along with his note: "Hey, You guys do great work. thanks. It has made my heli gorgeous and un-crashable! -- Steve H."

Russ R. in West Babylon, New York, emailed us this picture of his Hirobo Freya: "Since we don't often see Freya's on your site pics, I've sent you this one! Great color combo I must add - just have to add the intakes. Very pleased! -- Russ"

Jared J. was the first to get the new Hawk Starz-N-Stripez kit and he wrote to say: "Hey Alan, just wanted to let you know the stars and stripes graphics went on my Hawk without any problems. Guys at the field are already ooohing and aahhing. I sent you a pic so you can see the finished heli. Thanks again -Jared J"

Warren A. in Lakeside, Ca. sent in this pic of his oh-so-clean V2 Starz job.

This Raptor 60 belongs to Gregg M. in Chicago and Gregg wrote: "Alan, The graphics you provide are very nice, went on very easy and look fabulous. The Ultra Colors Red and Yellow are perfect for helping keep the orientation. Also the guys at the field today loved them, I pointed them your way :) Sorry the picture is not top quality but you can still see how well it looks.
Thanks!, Gregg"

Davis S., Owner of this hansome and patriotic classic V1 Raptor writes: "Hi! The graphics were much easier to apply than I thought they would be! Took me about 2.5 hours total to apply them. I'm very pleased with the new look! Thanks for a great product!!"

Alex V, builder of the super visible Hawk Sport writes: "I like it the way it came out. Thanks for everything."

Randy W. from Owasso, OK, sent in this pic and note: "I hope you will consider including this picture in your gallery. I used the combination of the airshark letters and made the "Y". Thanks for great graphics. "

Mike, owner of this cool Hawk Sport in North Carolina writes: "Hi Alan, I received my decals yesterday, and didn't waste any time putting them on. I put them on early this morning, and am very pleased with the results. I even ordered two sets for my new Raptor 30 v2. ( I'm buying an extra canopy, so I can change looks, occasionally). Thanks, Mike"

Fred W. writes: "Alan, Thanks for the replacement (yellow) graphics! Here are some pictures of the heli, looks great - no comparison with the stock sticker. Thanks again! "

Igor K. sent us this pick of his uber-cool Sceadu. Igor surely has the coolest heli in Moscow, Russia!

Jason H. took a couple of wacks at it before he found a color scheme he liked!

Jim B. back in Swansea, IL did some cool experimentation here!

Lee E. says..."Alan, The carbon fiber and fluorescent yellow actually looks pretty cool. Have not figured out how exactly I'm going to do the tail fins yet. But I'm very pleased with your work. Thanks! "

Rick M. of Hooker, OK sent in this great picture of his custom yellow AirShark.

Long B. writes..."Here is a pic of my sceadu with metallic blue and fluorescent yellow." Nice job Long!

Tony M.'s cool Raptor. Tony writes..."Here are some pics of my R30 V2. I'm quite happy with the results. Love that fluorescent green with the carbon fiber combo! Thanks!"

Here's a pic of George M. of Toledo, Ohio at the sticks of his Raptor. George sent along this note: "Alan, here is a pic of my raptor 30 V1 1/2 with RotorGraphics in rasberry and yellow. I get a lot of positive comments. Thanks for the great product."

Frank T. of Wrightwood, California sent in this stunning photo of his very well done V2! Good Show Frank!

Jeff T., Frank's son, sent in this frosty photo of his Metallic Blue and Carbon V2! Excellent!

Mike K. of Pataskala, Ohio just emailed us this nice shot of A Hawk Sport and a Raptor V2 with this note:
"Hi Alan, Finally got around to sending you a picture of my orange and carbon fiber Raptor V2. They looked so great that a friend of mine had to order a set for his Hawk Sport. Here they are ready to do some flying!!! Thanks again for the great product, "

Joe M. in Levittown, PA. emailed us this pic of his tasteful V2:
"Hey Alan, recieved my stickers today and applied them to my raptor 30 v2. Really looks good. I wish you had some for my Ergo 60!"

Mike C. of Cape Coral, Florida shot us this pic of his cosmetically upgraded V1 and says:
"Thanks a bunch, Alan. I just got done with the main stickers for my V1 with a V2 canopy. I didn't think of that when ordering so I needed to do some chopping to put the V2 tail sticker on my V1 tail. Otherwise I'm very happy. I loved the stickers and the colors are fantastic. Here is the right and left side before the final touches have been added. Thanks again."

Here's a montage of three picz that Erich F. of Oldsmar, Florida sent in of his Raptor 60 dressed out in the new Starz-N-Stripez in METAL FLAKE vinyl. Erich adds:
"Hey Alan, Just installed my Stars-N-Stripez Ultra Deluxe set, and it came out great. Pics are attached. I used the dry application method for the red, and wet for the blue. Both came out great, and none of the material tore, even around the stars. I used soapy water sprayed onto the canopy rather than alcohol on the graphics, with great results.

John M. of Las Vegas sent in a pick of his wildly visible Freya along with a note:
"I just got the graphics done and shot a few pics. Thought you would like to see how well it turned out. I had a chance to fly it this afternoon and you sure can see it in the air with the BRIGHT pink and green."



Ron C. of Southern California sent us these three great Picz of his Raptor 30-V2 and says "Here are a few pictures. I am really pleased." So are we Ron!

Wayne K. of Las Vegas sent in this great before and after pair of Picz of his awesome Raptor 60!

Chris S. of Milford, CT. sent in this amazing photo of his R30-V2 and R60 ship along with this note:

"I recently received an order for 2 rotorgraphics sets, a carbon/florescent orange R30 V2 and a carbon/electric blue R60. All arrived as promised. I put them on yesterday and was very pleased. The carbon fiber looks fantastic. The pics on your site donít do it justice. I like the orange. It is very visible and looks nice. The blue R60 is what I expected it to be, but I like the look of the florescent orange better. So much so I want the R60 to match."
And Chris did buy a replacement bottom set for the sixty and then he took this picture:

Dave J. of Colchester, U.K. sent in this great pic of his V2. Note the way he used both tail color sets to add style to his heli! Thanks Dave for helping to make RotorGraphics "World Famous"!

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