Welcome to the RotorGraphics website.

RotorGraphics manufactures and sells custom made self-adhesive vinyl graphics for major makes and models of model helicopters.   You can find a full breakdown of our product offerings on our Stuff page.   Here's the Newz...

RotorGraphics Is 'Closed' for Until October First         POSTED 8/2/2007
Sorry, but we have to work on an important home inprovement project during the remainder of the Summer.

If you absolutely just gotta have something or you are a certain guy in Norway, please email Alan.

RotorGraphics Is 'Sorta-Closed' for Summer Vacation         POSTED 6/9/2007
A little bit of travel and a lot of work still needed for this year's July 4th Pyrotechnic Opera. We'll leave the order page up as usual, but please note that your order will not be shipped until July 14th, 2007. We will also be checking email for questions during this time.

Everybody please have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July holiday.

Crashing Suckz T-Shirts Back in Stock!         POSTED 11/13/2006
Just got a whole bunch of our famous "Crashing Suckz" T-Shirts back in stock. All sizes from Medium through 3XL. We also got in lots of RotorGraphics logo stickers and will be including them in each order, just like we used to do.

Yes, We're still here and in Business.         POSTED 9/16/2006
However we are guilty of not bringing out any new product in a while. This is slowly changing as several Align targeted products are now in development. We've also recently upgraded our design computing systems to make the product design process go faster. Also, to make some extra time possible for design activity we have stopped advertising for awhile. BUT WE'RE STILL HERE and in business. Still making high quality aftermarket graphics for popular model helicopters.

In case you were suspecting that we were frittering our time flying all summer, wrongo, bub. No one got a heli into the air until last week-end. Mind you, one of the main reasons for moving to Issaquah in the first place was so we would have our own flying field.

New Support, Picz and Discussion Board!         POSTED 1/13/2006
Just click on "Board" at the left. Been a busy boy this week.

RotorGraphics: Open But Ship Costs on the Rise         POSTED 1/9/2006
Hope you all had a safe, fun New Years celebration.

The United States Postal Service has increased postal rates and, although we LOVE our customers, were passing this cost on to you. The increase is not too bad, just 20 cents. Not really worth my time to type this about it, come to think of it.

Lots of new product in the works and we'll be focusing on improving our product and customer community support this year.

RotorGraphics Is Sorta-Closed for Christmas         POSTED 12/23/2005
We'll leave the order page up as usual, but please note that your order will not be shipped until January 7th, 2006.

Everybody please have a wonderful and safe holiday.

RotorGraphics Is Back in Full Production         POSTED 12/15/2005
We're Baaaaaaak!

The trailer deliver had to be moved back a week because of the SNOW, but every thing is now unpacked, setup and tested. A BIG thank you to some of our new neighbors for helping with the unload.

RotorGraphics Is Sorta-Closed while we Move         POSTED 11/18/2005
As mentioned below we will be sorta-closed a few weeks while we move to Beautiful Washington state. Reopening in December, we will cut and ship all order placed during the move by December 9th.

Thanks for being so patient, everyone and have a great Thanksgiving.

RotorGraphics Is Getting Ready To Move...FINALLY         POSTED 11/14/2005
For starters, a big thank you to everyone who has placed an order in the last few weeks.   We really appreciate your business and we thank you for sticking with us during our prolonged shutdown.   If you wanted a RotorGraphics kit soon, you had better hurry and get your order in by 8:00AM, Friday November 18th.   Thats when we cut our last batch of orders, ship'em, then box everything back up for the move north.   The move will shut down production for about two weeks but we WILL keep the orderz page available so you can continue to place orders.   We will send out those placed orders no later than December 9th.

On another note, RotorGraphics is proud to announce that our website is being blocked by none other than the communist government of The People's Republic of China.

RotorGraphics Official Response:
"We're not quite sure what we did or said to piss off 1.3 BILLION people, but if ya'll are not too mad at us to sit down and chat about it, we'd love to have you all over for a cup of tea and a flight or two in the back yard."

RotorGraphics Is Now Open         POSTED 10/31/2005
First off, our apologies for being closed so long. For any of you thinking about renovating a house built in 1924, please...take our advice and forget it. The sentence for an arson conviction is shorter.

We are now taking orders for our first job run which will be Friday, November 4th. We will stay open until November 17th at which time we will have to close down again to move the operation to Issaquah, Washington. We ***SHOULD*** only be closed a few weeks with a reopening in December.

Thanks for being so patient, everyone.

RotorGraphics Is Closed Until Further Notice         POSTED 5/6/2005
We very sorry about this. The move is still held up and all the equipment is in storage. Rather than keep making promises where we have no real control to ensure we keep them, we'd rather you do business with our competitors. All is not bad news however. Alan is getting married!

RotorGraphics will Remain Closed until April         POSTED 2/3/2005
We obviously can't apologize enough for this. Our move has been repeatedly delayed for reasons beyond our control and all of our equipment is in storage. Please keep checking the website for news. Once again, our apologies to our valued customers.

RotorGraphics is Closed until February         POSTED 10/30/2004
RotorGraphics is closed while we re-locate to Washington State. We will reopen on February 1st. We realise that this is a major inconvienience to our customers but it could not be avoided under the circumstances. Thank you for your patience. We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their support this past year and we hope you and your families have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Shutting Down for the Winter.         POSTED 10/25/2004
RotorGraphics will be shutting down operations for 90 days beginning Saturday, October 30 at 10:00AM PST. So if you were planning an order, please get it placed before Saturday at 10:00AM PST. We will reopen on February 1st, 2005. This shut down must be done to facilitate a major relocation project that has not gone as smoothly as planned. We realize that this shutdown is not aligned with our usual high standards for customer service, but unfortunately, it cannot be avoided.

Shipping Services & Schedule Changes         POSTED 9/25/2004
Effective immediately RotorGraphics will be holding all orders for batch cut and shipping on Saturdays only. This policy will remain in effect until Feburary, 2005. We realize this is a step backward in our level of service to our customers but we must re-arrange our production schedule in order to facilitate our relocation to larger facilities. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

For those of you U.S. customers who need or want Express Mail service, we have now added a Domestic Express Mail shipping Surcharge button on the Orderz page.

We are also now shipping all domestic Priority Mail orders using USPS Delivery Confirmation(tm) due to the recent development of a delivery black hole in Florida. This, unfortunately, has prompted an increase in the Standard Shipping & Handling Charge from $4.85 to $5.50USD. Way to go Florida!

Mission Accomplished         POSTED 9/8/2004
All of the orders placed between 8/26/2004 and 9/7/2004 have been cut and will ship by 9/8/2004. One day earlier than promised.

TEASER --- A critical test of one of the new RotorTronics products under development came off successfully at 9:20PM at our ultra-secret test facility in Issaquah, Washington. More details to follow soon.

OK, OK...         POSTED 8/26/2004
We've had a few complaints that we should leave the order screen up so folks can at least place their orders while we're on vacation. All orders placed between now and 9/7/2004 will ship by 9/9/2004. We'll have to bust our asses to meet that deadline, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

TEASER --- The first four RotorTronics products are almost ready for public announcement. We have a team of beta testers now who will be shortly banging these new cool little gizmos around. We're just plain exited about about this stuff and we know you will be too.

RotorGraphics will be closed from 8/16 to 9/10         POSTED 8/16/2004
Rotorgraphics will be closed until September 10th while we work on new product development and take our summer vacation.

Good News, Bad News...         Posted 8/8/2004
First the bad news. Price increases. Sorry. Our suppliers raised our prices for raw materials several months ago but we held off raising prices as long as we could.

The Raptor 60 AirShark kit has been available for quite some time now, but, like morons, we forgot to post it.

The V2 Spice kits are FINALLY ready. This third ProSeries option sheet allows you to create a three color ProSeries design with tail accents, a colored boom (Boom Wrap) and attitude text graphics. It takes a while to cut so it is priced a few bucks more than a normal sheet.

RotorTronics, the electronic bling arm of RotorGraphics, will be introducing our first products soon. Keep watching this space for news. (Testing is going very well!)

Back Up, Vegas Notes, Lots of Etc...         Posted 2/5/2004
We're back in full production again and as promised, all back orders were cut and shipped by 2/3/04 and even the fun-fly orders went out too.

Vegas was a blast. We had a great time and I especially want to thank the "Rockster" for being so nice and for expertly running such a great event. Even I got to fly! Thanks to all you great Sin-City club members for your hard work and for being so helpful and fun to talk to. I also want to thank every single one of our RotorGraphics customers who took the time to stop by and say hi.

I want to especially thank none other than Mr. Ryder for being such a good sport about the "I GOT BOOTED OFF RUNRYDER" t-shirts that we brought along to the fun-fly. As many of you know, Mark and I don't see eye-to-eye on alot of things but I have to give Mark props for being well humored about the shirts. (Wear yours in good health Mark!)

We've temporarily run out of the RotorGraphics logo stickers that we put into each kit, so if you bought a kit in the past few days and it's missing, that's why. We'll get more by the end of the month and if you really want one that bad, just email us and we'll send it right out.

Several new product announcements will be posted in the next few days: Raptor 60 AirShark, white "I GOT BOOTED" and bright yellow economy "CRASHING SUCKS" logo t-shirts and Raptor 30/50 ProSeries third color "Spice Kits" so watch this page for the latest news.

Road Trip Sorta-Closure Schedule         Posted 1/25/2004
As announced below, we are sorta-closed while we prepare for the upcoming Las Vegas FunFly. We are going to leave the order page up so you can still place orders while we're busy/gone. We will reopen on February 2nd and we will cut and ship all the placed orders by February 4th.

Just Days Away...         Posted 1/27/2004
Who be 'dis baad boy? A limited number of these new Raptor 60 AirShark kits will be available at the LasVegas Fun Fly.

ROAD TRIP! & Order Hold Announcement         Posted 1/22/2004
Yeeee-Haaaaa... Baby, we're headed to VEGAS!   That's right, RotorGraphics is taking the show on the road again and we'll be at the Las Vegas Radio Control Club's Fun Fly on January 30th through February 1st which will be held at the terrific Bennet Field.   Unfortunately, we are going to have to stop processing orders during the week prior to the Fun-Fly so we can get ready for it.   BUT....Just like the Christmas holidays, we're going to leave the order page up so you can at least place your orders.   We will process and ship all orders by Wednesday, February 4th, 2004.   If you are headed to the Fun-Fly too, and you want to be sure we'll have what you want on hand, email us quick, 'cause we're going to suspend order processing on Saturday, January 24th.

Matching Raptor 30 TailTubes Now Available         Posted 1/22/2004
Branching out a bit here, we are proud to offer these great looking, Sparkly Metallic Red and Blue tail tubes made for the Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V1 and V2 helicopters.   These make a great addition to your Raptor 30 Starz-N-Stripez graphics package.   For more information, see the Stuff page.

Vario JetcopterSX Pro-Series Now Available         Posted 1/22/2004
Available on a special order basis, (email us), RotorGraphics now offers a Pro-Series set for the Vario JetcopterSX vacuum molded canopy.   Availablilty of the Vario Jetcopter logo as depicted in the photos is subject to pending approval from Vario USA. (Joseph, please call me!)   The price?   Dude, if you can afford a damn Jetcopter, trust me, you got enough scratch for this cheesy graphics kit.

Century Hummingbird Pro-Series Now Available         Posted 1/06/2004
We are happy to announce a new addition to our product line, a two color Fluorescent (Ultra) Pro-Series Kit for the Century Hummingbird Version II. This is actually a double kit that will cover two Hummingbirds in reverse color schemes and will only be available in our fluorescent colors of Orange, Red, Magenta, Green, Blue and Yellow. The kits provide complete graphics for the canopy, tail boom, tail fins and even include two pairs of high visibility rotor-blade tracking tapes.   For more information, see the Stuff page.

Happy New Year!         Posted 1/06/2004
We have returned from our very refreshing vacation and have now shipped all of the orders recieved during the holiday break. Thank you all for your patience.

Happy Holidays and Sorta-Closure Schedule         Posted 12/22/2003
Thanks to all of our terrific customers this year and we hope you and your family have a wam, safe and fun holiday season.

We're going to try something different this season. Instead of closing down the Orderz page completely like we usually do, we're going to leave it up so you can place orders during the our holiday break. We will reopen on January 5th and we will cut and ship all the placed orders by January 7th.

RotorGraphics is Open Again         UPDATED 10/21/2003
New stuff being announced soon. Check out Alan's 1966 BatCopter in the Picz Gallery. You helped pay for it so you get to see it.

RotorGraphics will be closed from 10/13 to 10/21         POSTED 10/12/2003
Gotta take a little break. It's been a long busy summer.

RotorGraphics is back and Open for Business         UPDATED 8/9/2003
Still playing Joe Contractor but I think I can do both for a while.

RotorGraphics will be closed from 7/25 to 8/9         UPDATED 8/2/2003

Burp!         Posted 5/10/2003
We're back now. Damned internet thingy.

RotorGraphics T-Shirts Now Available!         Posted 4/25/2003
Looking for a helicopter T-Shirt with some attitude? RotorGraphics now has "Crashing Suckz" T Shirtz in 5 sizes. Available in Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL and 3XL, you can choose between Black, Black, Black or even Black. $15 to $17. More info on the Stuff page.

Back Open!         Posted 4/21/2003
RotorGraphics is now back open for business. More information on the new RotorGraphics "Crashing Suckz" Tee Shirts is coming soon. The wear testing went well and seemed to improve piloting ability. 8^)

Closed for Spring Break!         Posted 4/11/2003
RotorGraphics is closed for Spring Break, Friday, April 11th to Monday, April 21st. Application questions customer support will be available via email. All orders placed and confirmed by Thursday, April 10 will go out as promised. Oh...And the new RotorGraphics "Crashing Suckz" Tee Shirts are in! More info to come!

Shameless, Bald-Faced Self-Promotion!         Posted 4/9/2003
From now on, all graphics kits and other orders will get a RotorGraphics logosheet included at no charge.   These are silkscreened on pliable white vinyl and look great when placed right on the white plastic canopy material.   If you are a previous customer, you can send us an email after April 21st, and we will mail one out to you.   Hmmmm...I wonder what that black thing off to the left is?

Spring Break!         Posted 4/9/2003
RotorGraphics will be closed from Friday, April 11th to Monday, April 21st. Application questions customer support will be available via email. If you need something for next week, you should order before Friday!

Raptor 30 V2 Starz-N-Stripez Now Available         Posted 3/23/2003
Now the Raptor 30/50 V2 joins the RotorgGraphics FunSeries lineup. Available in two versions, Basic and Ultra-Deluxe. The Ultra-Deluxe is Metallic Red and Blue Vinyl. Comes with fins cut in both colors and is available in V1 and V2 vertical fin versions. See the Stuff page for more information. --GO USA!--

OK! OK! I Surrender!         Posted 3/17/2003
Ever since we started this business, many of you have told us that you wanted a color sample page so you could have an idea what the colors looked like. We resisted because no two computer/monitor setups render color the same and such a page would be pretty useless. Well, you win. You can see the new color list page for your self but please, if you really want to know what a color looks like, please email us for a sample chip.

RotorGraphics Makes Ordering R30V2 Stuff More Confusing         Posted 3/1/2003
Because Ace/TT have not made the new longer vertical fin widely available yet, we're finding lots of folks who have crashed their V2's or have upgraded their V1s who are stuck using the old V1 'short' vertical fin. In response, we have modded our all of our V2 products to have a 'V1 Fin' version of each kit. We've done a pretty good job of making the difference clear on the Orderz page, but please take a few momments to read your order before commiting it. See for yourself on our Orderz page.

Picz Page Finally Updated         Posted 2/17/2003
Sorry for the delay to all you nice folks who sent in pictures of your birdz. Check out the new picture on the Picz page.

Whoaaa There Diablo!!!         Posted 1/27/2003
Sorry, but we have to close down the ordering page for a few days so we can get ready for the road trip to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!   We'll have lots of stuff to pick from and if we don't have just what you're looking for, we'll be back open February 3rd, 2003.

Raptor 60 Starz-N-Stripez         Posted 1/27/2003
We managed to get at least one pic snapped of the new R60 Starz-N-Stripez FunSeries. This is done in the new Metal Flake Vinyl. Very saucy!

SHHHHH! New Product Announcements (Sort-of)         Posted 1/25/2003
RotorGraphics has added several new products to the lineup but because we're soo dang busy we have not had the time to update the website with perty pictures and all.   Here's what been added:

Raptor 30 V2 FunSeries Police -- $13
Raptor 30 V2 FunSeries Fire -- $13
Raptor 60 V1/V2 FunSeries Starz-N-Stripez -- $17 (Basic) $25 for (NEW) Metal Flake!
Freya ProSeries -- $17(Basic) $21(Deluxe) and $25(Ultra-Deluxe)

To order any of the above, go straight to the Orderz page.

ROAD TRIP!         Posted 1/25/2003
RotorGraphics is hitting the road again and this time we will be attending the FABULOUS LAS VEGAS Fun Fly!   We will be there Friday January 31st and Saturday February 1st.   More information about this event can be found at www.nohype.net.  

Wow, You guys are GREAT!         Posted 1/12/2003
I want to thank everyone who took the time to email me with a note of support. Being "Banned from the Island" has been alot easier to deal with knowing that so many of you agree with me about the situation in the on-line heli community.

More information has come to my attention which has prompted me to write a Second Heli-Community Editorial which addresses what I feel is a very vital issue indeed.  

Just Who's Heli Community Is This, Anyway?         Posted 1/10/2003
I have been banned from a popular web heli forum for niggling and petty reasons by one of life's more annoying little bullies. I have seen this person do this to others recently as well and I think that it is time to adjust the world that this little man lives in. For more information, please read this Editorial about the future of OUR heli community on the web.   For the truth about what happened, look here (UPDATED 1/11/2003 17:00!).

We Are GROWING!         Posted 1/10/2003
RotorGraphics is proud to announce that we are branching out into electronic tools, instrumentation and control augmentation systems for model helicopters. Please see our new sister site at www.RotorTronics.com for more information.

Web Hosting Changeover         Posted 1/9/2003
RotorGraphics is back up and open for business.

Web Hosting Changeover         Posted 1/9/2003
RotorGraphics will remain closed until 1/10/2003 to allow the DNS information for the new web hosting to propagate and stabilize. This is needed to prevent the loss of any ordering information. We apologize for the extended absence and for any inconvenience this has caused.

Holiday Schedule         Posted 12/16/2002
RotorGraphics will be closed from 12/19/2002 to 1/6/2003 for the holiday season. Customer service questions addressed to alan@rotorgraphics.com will still be handled on a daily basis, but no orders will filled during this period.

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greeting from RotorGraphics!         Posted 12/14/2002
The RotorGraphics Holiday card is online and frankly, we hope you like it because it was alot of work.   To view our holiday card to you, our wonderful customers, just click on the image of the "ordinary" cards below!

NEW! Raptor 30 V2 ProSeries Now Available         Posted 10/11/2002
The last few bugs have been ironed out of the new Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 ProSeries graphics kits and they are now ready for custom "Cut-to-Order" production.   Just like our Raptor 30 V1 ProSeries offerings, these are two color kits that come with ample pinstriping and make a great foundation for lots of manufacturer stickers and stuff.   Colors currently available are listed here.   For more information on this new ProSeries kit, see our Stuff page.

NEW! Raptor 30 V2 FunSeries AirShark         Posted 10/11/2002
The latest member of our very popular AirShark family is now ready for high-speed snarling action.   This sleek new AirShark looks great on the new Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 canopy and will look great at the field.   Just like our classic V1 AirShark, these are four color kits (Grey-Red-White-Black) and we also now offer custom single color adaptations for those who dare to be different.   For more information on the new V2 AirShark kit, see our Stuff page.

NEW! CRASHING SUCKZ Auto Art Decal         Posted 10/10/2002
Our infamous RotorGraphics Heli-Kill sticker design is now available to slap on the rear window of your car, truck or van. Let everyone on your six wonder "just what the hell is that all about?"    Available in White or Red for just $8.   For more information on the CRASHING SUCKZ decal, see our Stuff page.

NEW! AirShark for the Century Hawk Sport!         Posted 10/9/2002
The famous RotorGraphics AirShark design has now been "ported" to the Century Hawk Sport canopy and fin set.    If you're looking for something with a little snarl to add some attitude to your Century Hawk Sport or Raven CCPM, then the AirShark is for you.    Available in the classic four color Grey-Red-Black-White and we've added two custom options for single color Basic or Ultra-Deluxe vinly choices.    Prices range from $16 to $21.   For more information on the Century Hawk Sport AirShark graphics kit, see the Stuff page.

Coming SOON! ProSeries for the TT Rap30 V2!         Posted 09/29/2002
RotorGraphics managed to get hold of this great new revision to the Raptor line last Friday.   By Sunday we had it in the air sporting a prototype ProSeries canopy job.   We're still tuning the looks so it will be a few more days before we post these graphics kits for sale, but stay tuned, OK?   To read my mini-review of this exiting new helicopter, see this thread on RunRyder.

ProSeries for the Century Hawk Sport!         Posted 09/22/2002
And we thought that the Shuttle Plus was alot of work!   Check out our new ProSeries graphics kit for the Century Hawk Sport!   Not a bad looking little helicopter on its own, but slap some eye-burning fluorescent vinyl on this baby and it looks like a million bucks!   We also FINALLY figured out how to deal with those fin lightening depressions that first appeared on the Hirobo birds.   It was a MAJOR hassel but the results speak for themselves. Yes, we will soon mod the Sceadu kit with the same technique.   The bad newz...because it's a four piece kit, we gotta get an extra buck for it. Prices are $16 to $24.   For more information on this Century Hawk Sport kit, see the Stuff page.

NEW! RotorBlade Rainbowz!         Posted 08/28/2002
Earlier this year at the West Coast Hirobo Cup some guys were taking the holographic Hirobo bumper stickers and putting them on their rotorblades which made a highly visible and dramatic rainbow pattern whenever the heli flew through a banked turn.   Ever since then I've been thinking we could do this a bit better and now we have. We found a neat "twisted razor" holographics pattern that catches the light just right. We also added alignment marks to help in a "perfect every time" application.   For more information see the Stuff page.

Rotorgraphics Hits the Road Again!         Posted 08/26/2002
Rotorgraphics will be at the Southern California Helicopter Classic August 31st through September 1st.   This event is hosted by the Valley Flyers and will be located at the marvelous Apollo 11 Field in the Sepulveda Basin.   For more information on this event, please see this page on the Valley flyers Website.   Hope to see you all there!

ProSeries Graphics Now Available for Hirobo Shuttle Plus!         Posted 08/25/2002
Wow...was this alot of work! The ProSeries patterns for the new Hirobo Shuttle Plus have now been completed after weeks of work and we are taking orders for CUSTOM color combinations just like all of our other ProSeries offerings.   And to spice things up a bit, we've even added several new hot colors to the COLOR LIST! Pricing for the Shuttle Plus ProSeries sets is the same as the Sceadu and Raptors.   Wanna wake up that snoozie Shuttle Plus of yours?   Slap some Day-Glo Orange and Green on that bad boy!   For more information see the Stuff page.

Are You Ready for FREE SHIPPING?         Posted 08/13/2002
RotorGraphics is pleased to announce that for the rest of 2002, we will ship ANY order of $50.00 or more for FREE!   That's right, no S&H charges for $50.00 and greater orders.   The ship method will still be USPS Priority Mail in those wacky triangle boxes, so were not trying to pull a fast one here.   Buddy up orders with your pals at the flying field and make out like a bandit on the S&H charges. (1/1/2003 UPDATE: THIS SHIPPING PROMOTION HAS NOW ENDED.)

It's About Damn Time!         Posted 08/04/2002
We have finally gotten off our butts and added a new product. The new arival is an expansion of the Raptor 30/50 FunSeries line. The new Starz-N-Stripez set is a great way to parade a flag around the flying field.   Also, stay tuned for a Hirobo Shuttle Plus ProSeries offering soon.   For more information see the Stuff page

Sorry, But S&H has increased 35 cents!         Posted 07/08/2002
As most of you know, the USPS has increased the DOMESTIC 1 pound Priority Mail rate from $3.50 to $3.85. Accordingly, we have increased the shipping portion of our shipping and handling charges to reflect this increase. We have also now added a European Union shipping surcharge to the Orderz page so EU customers do not have to inquire about shipping charges in advance. EU customers just need to add this surcharge to their carts when ordering.

Raptor 60 Pro Series Graphics Now Available!         Posted 05/08/2002
RotorGraphics now has the Raptor 60 patterns finished and we are now offering these graphics in the Pro Series configuration.   Expecting to pay more for Raptor 60 graphics just because they're for a Sixty sized ship?   Well, we don't play that way here at RotorGraphics.   The Raptor 60 Pro Series costs no more than the Raptor 30/50 sets!   For more information see the Stuff page

OOOPS! We Made a Mistake!         Posted 04/24/2002
Not quite sure how this happened, but the eyes in the production AirShark kit for Raptor 30/50 did not match the prototype design. They were close, but the black outline was too narrow and the shape was too rounded in front. Why should anyone care about this? We think details matter here at RotorGraphics and we want to fix our mistakes when we make them. If you purchased an AirShark kit, you can get a replacement eye kit at no charge by sending an email to alan@rotorgraphics.com.

Gallon Jug Stickerz Now Available!         Posted 04/17/2002
Had another nutty idea the other day. I was wondering how many gallons of fuel I had put through the AirShark (Raptor50) and then I realized that I own a company that makes stickerz, so why don't I just invent some gallon can stickers to help keep track of this right on the canopy! Well, I showed the gallon can design to a few people and they thought it was a transistor radio or a microwave oven or something so I gave up on the can and designed a jug. Everyone recognized the damn jug, so you're all gonna get jugs. (Interestingly, women almost always saw it as a bleach bottle!) For more information see the Stuff page.

On-Line Ordering Now Available!         Posted 04/12/2002
Many thanks to all of you who have waited patiently for the online ordering page to be finished. We have decided to go with PayPal for our online transaction processing due to their user friendly interface and reputation and popularity with hobbiests. Just click on "Orderz" on the main menu to see the new Orderz page.

Sceadu Graphics Now Available!         Posted 04/08/2002
After a LOT of work, the Sceadu patterns are finished and a few test canopies have been finished. Right now, only Pro Series Standard and Deluxe will be made available with Fun Series designs coming along in the next few weeks. Our Sceadu Pro Series sets are three color sets, two primary colors plus black accents. As with the Raptor 30/50 designs, these patterns come with one set of tail graphics in each primary color so you can decide the coloration of your heli's tail. For more information, check HERE on the Stuff page.


Sadly, Jeff Fassbinder's heli pictured above, crashed just a few hours after these photos were taken. Post mortem of the crash pointed to a JR 649 PCM receiver crystal vibrating out of its socket in the receiver body. This is the second time in just a few months that a Scedu has crashed at our local flying field due to a JR receiver xtal vibrating out of it's socket. If you own one of these receivers, we strongly recommend you secure the crystal to the receiver case with a few inches of electrical tape.

Jeff Fassbinder Wins!         Posted 03/18/2002
Well he did it! Jeff Fassbinder won First Place in the .30 class Heli drag races at the Phoenix 2002 Fun Fly. We can't help but think that those slick vinyl RotorGraphics graphics helped a little bit. Congratulations, Jeff! Keep this up and we'll have to buy you a factory logo polo shirt!

Great Fun at the Phoenix 2002 Fun Fly
Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth at the Phoenix 2002 Fun Fly. We had a great time and met a lot of wonderful folks. Here's some picz.

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We Are Born...         Posted 03/10/2002
Well, its been a hectic couple of weeks ever since we got this nutty idea to start making custom graphics for model helicopters.   People have been going nuts over the stuff we've been creating and while certainly flattering, it is a bit scary committing to starting up a new business.   But things have been going very well and we've been producing alot of great designs both in reality and on those drawing boards in our heads.   Keep checking back here to see our latest ideas.   Lots of photos will always be the rule!

Its definite! We will be at the Phoenix Fun Fly on March 15, 16 and 17! Drop by our Booth and check out all of our outrageous graphics for your bird!  

Our exhaustive, leave no stone unturned, search for the RotorGraphics Official Factory Test Pilot is now over.   The incredible Jeff Fassbinder has agreed to take on the awesome and thumb numbing task of test flying all of our graphic designs.

JF's New Bird  |   JF Working on the Bird  |   Nice Hover Shot
Upside Down Smooth  |   Thats a goood SpokesPerson!

Ohh, yea... you go ahead and laugh.   But I bet you've never had a chunk of hot pink vinyl come rocketing off your bird and stick fast to your hair like yesterday's bubble gum!   This is tough, dirty work and it took Jeff quite a while to screw up his courage and take this job on.   Well, our hats are off to you Jeff!   Jeff will also be sporting his Raptor 30 decked out in a Maroon and Hot Yellow Pro Series Body Colorz set at the Phoenix Fun Fly. So remember, if you see a Raptor in the sky that you can actually see, its gotta be Jeff Fassbinder and RotorGraphics!

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